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{Reina}{World-of-Tainted} by TaylorBoykino3o {Reina}{World-of-Tainted} by TaylorBoykino3o
/Edit 1/ Tired of a crying, whiny Reina... Working to make her more confident, and moody {as in sassy, can get angry, and just unpredictable xD}. (In other words a bada**) But she'll still be clean and a BIT shy. Will be editing her picture soon. /End Edit/

/Edit 2/ I fixed up Reina's history... Have fun reading! xD /End edit/

"What doesn't kill you...

                      Hurts you even more."

 Reina Savvie Terron (Pronounced Rain-uh)

Age~ 21 (Human years)

Gender~ Maid

Breed~ Tabby+Maine coone+Mixed breed

Personality Traits~ |Shy|Usually scared|Worried|Hesitant|Organized|Clean|


Reina is a really shy cat. You can RARELY get a word out of her. Well loud enough to hear anyways. She will whisper what she needs to say and nothing else. If she has to confront someone about anything, she'll usually mail them a letter or get someone else to tell them what is going on. So if you can get her to talk loudly or confront someone, you're a miracle worker.

|Usually scared|

As a child, Reina would have terrible panic attacks. Her mom was the only one who could calm her down. They soon left, knowing she was safe with her mother at all times. But after her mother died, the anxiety came back, and it is only getting worse. Whenever she has a panic attack, she usually starts crying and she will run away from where she is.


Reina is usually always worried. About, thieves, hurricanes, breaking the law, you name it. If you're talking about something negative, she'll get worried, which leads to a panic attack. So if you're around her, talk about positive things.


This cat is very Hesitant. She'll always think about right or wrong before doing something. If you tell her strictly to do something, it'll take her about five minutes for her to decide if she is actually going to do it.


Reina won't go anywhere unless she is completely organized. When she is working for her master, she'll have her serving tray ready to go. Tea cup on the right, grapes on the left, and kettle in the middle. Completely organized.


Reina is amazingly clean. When she got into her teens, she gained a large amount of OCD. She cleaned everywhere, all the time. Her house was always clean thanks to her. Now she has lost it a little, but her job keeps her in check.

New|More confident|


Boyfriend~ None
Orientation~ Straight
Activity~ Virgin (She says to herself, although she was raped)
Interests~ Someone who she can open up to and make her smile. Blue eyes and Simple, clean, pelts make her go WILD.





Before her Birth 
It was a mistake. Fionna and Charlie. They met in a tavern while drinking and dancing. Fionna came home with Charlie and they did the deed only married couples should do. Fionna went home, drunk as she had never been before. Her father was angry, for she was only 21. That is the age for legal drinking but her father hated beer. That was how Fionna's mother, Savvie, died. Alcohol poisoning. Fionna was lectured and yelled at for almost an hour. She went to her room angrily and slammed the door.

A few weeks later she found out she was pregnant. 

She went to find Charlie, only finding him a few weeks later, in a tavern. Not surprising. Lucky enough, he wasn't drunk enough to forget the news. Charlie was angered. He slapped her in the face and yelled at her, calling her a slut and a whore. She ran out in tears, going home to her father. He comforted her, but at the end of the night, he too was brought to tears.

A life of tragedy was born
Fionna had a home birth. With her father's help and a friend's, she gave birth to a beautiful, happy, baby girl. Fionna was too tired to even hold her child. She fell asleep while Porter, the baby's grandfather, held her. 

That was when she recieved the name, Reina Savvie Terron. She was named after her deceased grandmother, Savvie Reina Terron. It made Porter smile with glee.

But tragedy struck later that day, and Fionna died of exhaustion. Porter refused to look at Reina after this, sending her to an orphanage.  

Growing up an orphan can be fun... Right?

Reina grew up in an orphanage of thieves and criminals... Well for little kids. She was a cute little girl with pig tails and her beautiful baby blue eyes. She hated talking to the girls. They were mean to her and she only wanted to be alone on her always-made bed. (Because of the dirty place, she gained O.C.D.) She always played with her dolly of the queen that she made on her own. IT was a terrible little plush but she loved it to death. She always dressed it up, and braided it's yarn hair... The queen didn't have this hair but she added it on only so she could braid it. 

When she reached the age of 14, she was an awkward little girl. She still had her plush and she still had her small, always-made bed. But the orphanage made her throw everything... Her childhood, her always-made bed, and even her plush of the queen. But instead, she secretly gave it to a little girl, half the age of her. She had to move into the bigger kid's room... And this only led to a disaster.

One night, when Reina was almost sound asleep, a hand covered her mouth.

"Don't speak." It growled, ripping off her shirt, and then her pants. 

The hands of the stranger touched her all over, taking her undergarments off and then his, touching her again and leading this to more and more vile acts.

Reina forced her cries to stay silent as the stranger did the worst of all. Rape.

She was shoved away and she pulled her clothes on. She cried and cried for that whole night. The next morning she stayed in bed, refusing to do her chores. This angered the chaperons, and she was punished by being smacked and whipped and then they threw her into the isolation room. When she got out, after a few more years in the  orphanage she took her things and ran away. She was old enough to live on her own, 20.

Ever since, she has kept the little secret to herself, besides one person... Jerome Saintjohn.


Today Reina spends her time visiting small orphans and speaking to the few friends she has... And enemies.

More TBA


Bullet; White-Unsure
Bullet; Black-Hate
:bulletblack::bulletblack:-Absolutely Hate/Please Die
Bullet; Red-Dislike
Bullet; Blue-Aquaintance
Bullet; Green-Friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:-Best Friend
Star!-Really close
Bullet; Purple-Family
Bullet; Orange-Attraction
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange-Crush
Bullet; Pink-Lust
(The more the better/worse.)

Jerome||streakpie||Pirate||Bullet; BlackBullet; Black||Bullet; White||{Entry 01} "You are sick and vile! You attempted rape and that does NOT go with me! Are you freakin' CRAZY?!"
||:bulletblue:||:bulletblack::bulletblack:||{Entry 02}

Hope||xXXRainstormXXx||Orphan||Bullet; GreenBullet; Green||{Entry 01}
"What a cutie. I used to help her when I lived in the orphanage. She was sweet and nice but VERY mischievous."

Tybalt||TurkFish||Cook||Bullet; Blue||Bullet; Green||{Entry 01}
"He helped me out of a rough situation and let me stay with him instead of the orphanage... A few months later I let him stay with me when he was too sick to make it home."
||:bulletorange:||:star:||:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:||{Entry 02}
"It's weird... I get a tingly feeling when I see him... Some people call it a 'crush?' I think so... But I get happy when I even think about him."
||:bulletorange::bulletorange:||:bulletpink:/||Rose||{Entry 03}

Shadow||iznj||Assassin||:bulletblue:||:bulletorange:||{Entry 01}
"He's a good friend and he has a cute pelt... I would love to hang out with him a bit more."

Cameron||XxiWolfGirlixX||Orphan||:bulletpink::bulletpink:||:bulletblue:||:star:|| (Like her own child guys come on ew xD)
"Oh I wish I could adopt him but it wouldn't be right. I love him like my own though and I enjoy his company more than anything."

Roleplay Examample~
(Stolen from a roleplay with streakpie and Tybalt, who belongs to TurkFish, was mentioned.)

Reina tried to scream but she was choked on the spot. she squirmed and tried to wiggle away but it was useless trying to get away from his grip. She kicked and scratched, missing a few times. This barely made any difference.

She let go.

She knew it was impossible to escape, so she held his arm tightly and stood there, her heart racing. 

Thud thud thud thud-- thud.

Stop beating. Stop. Please end it. She thought, giving a quiet whimper. She thought that this man was going to kill her. She had no thoughts of what he was going to do with her. So she just kept thinking... Her heart kept beating.

thud... thud... thud.

Jerome was completely and utterly confused.
He wasn't intending to hurt her. He was returning her jacket to her, albiet in a strange and somewhat aggressive sort of manner-- but he didn't mean any har, and genuniely, he felt that he'd freaked Reina out enough for one day. So he placed a tentatve, confused little hand on her shoulder. He didn't do it to be nice or to comfort it. He was just confused and didn't know what to do. Reina was a strange person.

"… err, are ye okay?"
He said it awkwardly. He peeled the jacket back away from her eyes so she'd be able to see, and quietly, tentatively, waved a hand in front of her face. "Helloooo? Are ye thar, lass?"

He saw the fear in her eyes and he immediately drew away.
That didn't stop his confusing from simply heightening. He looked her up and down. He wondered what it was he'd done to elicit that sort of reaction. Was Reina claustrophobic or something?

"Lass, look--"
He said it sort of tiredly, "--I know I've hurt ye before, but I aren't intendin' 'ta do it again, alright? I'm not the same man."

Reina saw nothing but blackness until her jacket slid away from her face. She gasped with terror, ignoring everything that he was saying.

Is this what a heart attack feels like? She thought, holding her chest with both her hands. She looked around frantically, picking up her dirty jacket. She didn't care about the dirt right now.

"D-Don't touch me!" She shrieked, backing away as Jerome placed his hand on her tiny shoulder.

She walked away nervously. "No one can change completely." She hissed quietly. This was true to her because no matter how hard she tried she couldn't change.

He couldn't help but roll his eyes-- Reina was completely on the mark, of course. Jerome had been saying he was a changed man ever since he broke up with his first girlfriend at seventeen. He just said it on the off-chance that it might strike a cord sympathy.
"Sor-ree," He growled, letting go of her shoulder, but not before he gave it an extra-hard squeeze first.

He started to walk forward. He didn't want the implications of Reina's words and actions. Usually, he loved it when people were afraid of him. But in this instance, it was beginning to piss him off. He curled his lip, narrowed his eyes, and took two paces forward for each of her one paces.

"Look, lass--"
He repeated, but this time he repeated it slightly more menacingly, "--I don't care what ye think. I swear 'ta god that ye are the jumpiest, most easily-startled, most irritatin', fuckin'irrational person I've ever met in me entire life an' I've comple'ely have had it up 'ta herewit' ye pissin' yerself and cryin' every three seconds.

He spat at her, "Is it jus' me, or do ye treat every fucker an' every fucker's mother like this? It's no wonder Tybalt doesn't want yer skinny little rat's arse."

She turned around angrily with tears filling her eyes.

"No right! You have NO right to poke your nose in mine or Tybalt's buisness! Maybe he doesn't like me, but that's HIS decision! Why must you always do this to me?! Do you feel joy? Joy to make me feel so much pain I can barely bare it?!" She screamed, clenching her jacket in her fist, letting it dangle to the ground.

Reina's face was red from the screaming and she was breathing heavily, baring her teeth and staring at him with hatred.

Jerome immediately raised his hands in submission and defence. For whatever reason, he had become accustomed to not expecting reactions from Reina. And when she did react-- especially when it was like this, with her face red and her breath heavy and rage-ragged-- that he couldn't help but be a little bit startled.

"Hey!" He said, and his surprise and defensiveness was evident in his tone of voice, "Hey, no need 'ta get angry wit' me, fer goodness sake-- jus' kiddin', I was jus' kiddin'!" 

His eyes fell to his jacket.
"An' don't ye dare dangle me jacket around like that. I love that damn thing. I'll have yer head on a damn platter if ye so much as pop a single seam in that jacket."

"Now then, lass," He reached out, and his hands felt her shoulders and pressed down, like he was attempting to pacify her, "Eaaasy-- breathe wit' me, Reina. One-two, one-two, one-two. In-out, in-out, in-out. Are we feelin' better? Are we feelin' good? Are we feelin' refreshed? Yuhpe?"

He patted Reina on the cheek.
"Now. Ye have exactly three seconds 'ta apologise fer screamin' at me before I break yer neck."

Reina looked at the jacket and threw the jacket at his face. She clenched her fists tighter. "For what?! Speaking the truth? Finally having some freakin' courage to tell you that I can't stand the way you treat me?! Hell. No." She growled, not even noticing she was swearing.

Usually her face would turn a cute shade of pink and she would quickly apologize. Not this time. She stood her ground, staring angrily at the pirate.

Jerome was completely bewildered as to where the hell Reina had suddenly plucked up the courage to say these sorts of things to his face. His hand shot out and caught his jacket, but not before a button hit him right across the cheek-- and damn, did it sting. His shoulders started to quake; but not with fear, more anger.

"Alright, lass," He said, but this time he said it through gritted teeth as he pulled his jacket tight around his body, "Yer startin' 'ta piss me off. Ye got a problem, ye little shit? I got three words fer ye; deal wit' it, ye don't get any sort 'o damn special treatment fer bein' up in arms about it. Get outta me face."

By that point, Reina was annoying him. She was entertaining to him, at best, but women who were constantly submissive, and then suddenly decided to grow a spine, annoyed him. He felt like they were bipolar. They couldn't make up their damn minds. So he reared himself up to his full height, towered over Reina, and leered down at her as intimidatingly as he could.

"Go home run off home an' cry some more, why don't ye, ye filthy wench?"

*Has never actually laughed
*Outbursts when raged
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